Fee Breakdown

Please be advised that the League and Pitch Hire Fees quoted on our website are payable in full to Soccersixes. In addition, Soccersixes will facilitate the provision of a FA-affiliated third party referee for each league match, with the payment of this fee being the responsibility of each participating Team (see below).

Third PartyReferees

Soccersixes arranges for the provision of a FA affiliated referee for each match the Team participates in. These services are provided by independent third party suppliers, and are arranged by us on the behalf of the participating Teams. Teams accept responsibility for making payment to the referees. The services of the referees are entirely separate and additional to the provision of the pitch hire and league management services made by Soccersixes.

This cost, borne by the Teams, will be separately itemised and charged by the referee, and is separate from the amount charged by Soccersixes with respect to the Teams' participation in the league and the hire of the pitch.

Our Fee

Please be advised that the fee quoted on the website is a combined total of two separate and distinct charges - that of Pitch Hire and League Management. This fee is payable in weekly instalments, with 95% being payable with respect to the hire of the pitch; and 5% being payable with respect to the participation by the Team in the Soccersixes league.

We would refer you to the Pitch Hire Agreement and the League Management Agreement in our Terms and Conditions where details of the two services provided by Soccersixes are outlined.